What You Need to Know About BAS

Business Activity Statement is a tax reporting requirement issued by the government on either monthly or quarterly basis for businesses. It’s used for pay as you go instalments, paying goods and services tax (GST) as well as reporting among other tax obligations. It aims at allowing a business to report and pay several tax obligations all in one transaction. Continue reading

Vital Bookkeeping Advice for Starting Businesses

Any business whether small or big, requires proper bookkeeping in order to remain competitive and profitable. Improper financial record keeping usually results into massive business inefficiency. This is why every business needs to invest on the best services available. Their focus is to provide significant accounts and profit reports. Business owners are embracing the inevitable services of bookkeepers and making it a priority. Bookkeepers exist to ensure that there is total accounting for every penny spent. Continue reading

The Most Important Business News That Happened in 2014

It was a busy year full of politics, protests, invasions as well as international health scares. Somewhere within all this hype and bellowing, some major business events happened that will shape the business world for a very long time. Can you name a few of them? Are you ready to deal with them? In this article we will look at some of the most important small business news that happened in 2014. Continue reading

Bookkeeping Trends to Watch Out For in 2015

Bookkeeping is the art or process of keeping records of business transactions for a firm or corporation. It is an important aspect of running a company. Usually, bookkeeping involves having records on yearly basis, monthly basis, weekly basis, or on project basis. Small firms tend to have records on project basis due to the intake of more number of projects at a time to be in competition with the big players in the market. Continue reading