BAS, GST, & IAS: What Are Their Roles to Businesses?

In business, there are important aspects that should always be considered at all times to bring about business growth and expansion. Business Activity Statement (BAS) is described as a statement that has tax entitlements and all other obligations that are required from all businesses by Australian Tax Office (ATO). They should be filled monthly if the annual revenues are exceeding $ 20 million and can also be filled quarterly every year. It is now possible for business operators to file their BAS online. BAS is important for business operators since it helps them receive their payments from ATO through an electronically managed process. Continue reading

Bookkeeping Advice from the Government of Australia

The Australian government always ensures that the citizens are in a better place to live a perfect life through offering best services. Through bookkeeping, there are records of financial transactions that the government ensures that they are well documented through entering records in computers or manually into ledgers. The Australian government ensures that the process is well conducted to guarantee that data is well collected and kept and that citizens are able to enjoy their life without any worry. There are well organized steps and methodological approaches that ensure they manage their resources. Continue reading